Mohammed A.Dassen

welcome to you. always the right things come in right time, so I am sure its the time to bring you life to light, you will ask me who??? the simple answer is be up to date man.

Summary of qualifications


·         Map Info GIS experts in software and services 

·         I BM CM experts (content management )

·         .Net developer , , XML web services (at least 1 years experience)



[  2001-2005] [Hashemite University ]  [Jordan-Amman]

Software engineering.

Graduate project was:

Multi purpose delivery  system based on GIS by using this tools and equipments :

·         -include website that will serve customer to registration in delivery services (by using &  as programming language)

·         -include dispatcher as a core processor that well decide sender and receiver address on a Map(by using some  GIS software  like  MapObject , ArcView )

·        - include PDA pocket Pc that well receive the request from Dispatcher (by using spatial map to Amman have three layers, using GPRS as a connection type)

Professional experience

[1-7-2005 to 1-2-2006][SISS company][Jordan-Amman]

.Net & SQL server developer

Programming &

Client & server side programming & JSP & java script and more…

Design tools like: Flash MX, Adobe photo shop

[3-2-2006 until now][Autographics company][Jordan-Amman]

GIS engineering

Using a wide rang of MapInfo & esri product

·         GIS desktop tools: mapinfo professional(mapping produces), Vertical Mapper (analysis & decision maker) .

·         GIS database design tools : spatial ware & ease loader spatial data

·         GIS developer tools : map basic & map xtreme & map object

·         GIS engineering tools : VBmax (Raster to vector conversion )

·         GIS & photogramity analysis : ERDAS Imaginery

·         GIS Experiences in Marketing and training

[3-2-2006 until now] [Autographics company ][Jordan-Amman]

IBM  DB2 UDB  content management

Installation and administration of CM in different  environment

Experience in IBM product like:

·         DB2 database

·         Websphere deployment environment

·         Video charger (streaming video)

·         TSM( Tivoli storage manager)

·         Full installation of CM On AIX 5.3 and Unix & Linux O.S



Training courses

*IBM API customizing product :

Contactor:  welter Maier (consonant in IBM company)                         Period : 1 week                                                                          Location: newteck

*IBM WASS express services

Contactor:  Eng.Michel Nicolas (technical leader  in IBM company)      Period : 5 days                                                                           Location: Mario Hotel

*Training leader  in many location like:

Jordan Jopetroal , Mobilecome company.

 * & ADO,net & xml services by using

Contactor:  mahmmod malik                                                            Period : 2 month                                                                          Location: amman-jabal al-hosin- professional center  


Searching for company can give me the big chance to improve my skills also I prefer company which field of  its job is GIS or Content management developing or services


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Comment posted by sami, 12/12/2006 at 3:02pm (UTC):
hi mohammed have a nice job

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Mohammed A.Dassen
Marital status: single
Nationality: Jordanian
Age: 23 years
Place of Birth: Jordan-Amman
•Map Info GIS experts in software and services
•I BM CM experts (content management )
•.Net developer , , XML web services (at least 1 years experience)
Graduation Project :
"Multipurpose Delivery System based on GIS".
Which consist of web application (for customer) and widows application
(for processing info) and map technology also its use mobile technology
(Smart application device) to receive the request from customer
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